Bemis Marine Toilet Seat


Bemis Marine Toilet Seat

bemis marine toilet seat

    toilet seat

  • (Toilet Seats) Most toilets do not include a seat. They are available for round or elongated shaped bowls, regular or contoured for more comfortable seating. They also come in many finishes such as wood, molded composition, cushioned vinyl, plastic or polypropylene.
  • the hinged seat on a toilet
  • Toilet seats are detachable, ringlike seats of plastic hinged to the top of a toilet bowl. They should be cleaned and disinfected daily using proper disinfectant-cleaner to prevent the spread of germs. Some toilet seats have a lid attached and others do not.


  • (of artists or painting) Depicting scenes at sea
  • a member of the United States Marine Corps
  • of or relating to the sea; “marine explorations”
  • Of or relating to shipping or naval matters
  • a soldier who serves both on shipboard and on land
  • Of, found in, or produced by the sea

bemis marine toilet seat – Molded Wood

Molded Wood Marine Toilet Seat
Molded Wood Marine Toilet Seat
TC50TTA000 Church’s Marine toilet seats are made from quality molded wood, with a multi-coat enamel finish, closed front and small cover. Featuring color-matched bumpers, Top-Tite hinges, and corrosion-free plastic nuts and bolts these seats are perfect for all marine or portable toilet bowl applications. Features: -Specialty Toilet Seat -Closed front with cover -Toilet seat available in white finish only -Toilet seat made of molded wood -Toilet seat equipped with Top-Tite hinges with corrosion-free plastic nut and bolt -Overall dimensions: 13” W x 14.25” D -Manufacturer also knowns as Church Toilet Seat Company

1:100 Macross VF-1A "Valkyrie" – U.N.S. Marines use

1:100 Macross VF-1A "Valkyrie" - U.N.S. Marines use
During a landing exercise with heavy equipment, U.N.S. Marines’ SVMF-40 Valkyries provide close air support and secure the beach area from hardened targets with thier precision bombs, and mark hidden targets and hazardous areas with unguided smoke rockets.

Another Valkyrie which was inspired by the "Variable Fighter Master File: VF-1 Valkyrie" sourcebook, published 2009 by SoftBank Creative. This book is HIGHLY recommended to anyone who is into the VF-1 – it is pure robot porn! 😉

Well, the book contains a vast gallery of color variants – and this U.N.S. Marines Valkyrie was among them. I immediately got caught by the 2 tone camouflage, which is not a "copy" of something in existence,but very original and… cool (even though US Air Force F-15 and Chile F-16 influences cannot be denied?).

The kit is a standard vintage 1:100 scale ARII Valkyrie Fighter, built right out of the box. As usual, it underwent standard "pimping" procedures with a pilot figure and cockpit details, plus some typical antennae.
As special extras, though, flaps and wing leading edges were slightly extended and the air brake behind the cockpit opened (the red inside is a great color contrast), as if the machine was slowing down and stabilizing for a ground attack.

Another personal detail which I deemed appropriate is a small sensor "turret" under the nose, containing a laser designator and an IR camera. It was inspired by the TRAM system which had been installed on A-6E "Intruder" bombers in order to enhance this aircraft’s all-weather capabilities.

Furthermore, this rather beefy Valkyrie received custom underwing ordnance. It consists of two slim rocket launchers (for target marking purposes) which come from an old Kovazavody MiG-17 kit, and a pair of scratch-built gliding bombs – inspired by GBU-8 "HOBOS" and GBU-10 "Paveway" glide bombs, but more or less a fictional mix of both of these weapons in style.

Since the paint scheme is an original design, I decided to go for the source book’s look, not sticking to US/FS tones. Therefore, the basic tones are Humbrol 106 (Ocean Grey) and 64 (Light Grey). The white trims on fins and legs were painted in White, the blue stripes at the cockpit and on the fins are all decals from the scrap box, just like the numbers and letters.
After basic painting, the kit received a black ink wash. This toned down the greys considerably, reducing contrast a lot! Instead of adding dry paint, which would make the small scale kit look rather dirty, I decided to try a different technique: I used a fine sand paper to wet sand some larger areas and "expose" clean paint. The effect is interesting: now the Valkyrie looks rather weathered and sun-bleached. After a coat of matte varnish, the kit additionally received some rubbing with grinded soft pencil mine (which yields a nice metallic/oily shine) and dry painting with Humbrol 53 (Gun Metal) in certain areas.

With its special equipment, here’s a ground attack Valkyrie which is capable of all-weather CAS with precision weapons – a hard job which matches the gritty and weathered look!

Me and My Marine ¦

Me and My Marine ¦
My Marine’s Graduation from boot camp
San Deigo December 10 2010
It was freezing and windy, so my hair looks awful.

"No one will ever know how hard it is to let your significant other walk away from you. But for the best cause. To become the best man he can be, by joining the finest fighting force in the world. The United States Marines.
No one will ever know what its like to feel this proud to watch your significant other many feet away on the parade deck where hundreds of thousands of other families waited to see their marine stand in front of them after waiting 3 long months. No one will ever understand the true feeling of missing someone or the feeling of love by having their significant other kiss you or say i love you right next to you for a limited amount of time. To all of the girls, to all of their marines, Semper Fi to all and stay strong forever. Every day is worth it" – Me

My boyfriend is a trained killer, whats yours? 😛


bemis marine toilet seat

bemis marine toilet seat

PYLE PLCD6MRKT Waterproof Marine AM/FM/CD Player Receiver with 4 x 5.25-Inch Speakers and Splash-Proof Radio Cover (White)
Pyle’s Hydra series has the solution for your marine audio needs – this kit includes a head unit, four white 5.25” speakers, and a splashproof tinted cover for the head unit. The head unit is capable of tuning AM/FM, playing audio and MP3 CDs, and has an auxiliary input to plug in another device like an iPod or MP3 player. It’s rated at 4 x 50 watts, so each speaker has plenty of independent power. And it comes with everything you’ve come to expect from a modern head unit: 3-beam laser tracking, anti-skip mechanism, loudness settings, and a 24 station memory. The LCD screen is backlit and shows relevant track info. A wireless remote control means you can change tracks without having to get up. For security, the anti-theft faceplate is detachable. This kit will have your boat rocking!

Pyle’s PLCD6MRKT is a great kit to get you going with marine audio in one box. Included are the PLCD6MRKT CD receiver with remote control, four white 5.25-inch marine speakers, and a splashproof tinted cover for the head unit. Get your boat rocking quickly and affordably.
Pyle PLCD6MRKT Receiver
Enjoy your favorite CDs, MP3s, or external devices through the auxiliary input. Click here for a larger image
PLCD6MRKT Receiver
Play Back Your CDs
Enjoy your favorite CDs, complete with random mode, track preview, and other standard CD player features. If your music collection’s on a hard drive rather than a shelf, you can also burn your favorite MP3/WMA files to a CD-R, for hours of music form a single disc. The PLCD6MRKT will display ID3 tag information, such as artist/track info.
AM/FM Radio
Sometimes you want some live programming, even if it’s just to check up on weather or the latest news. The PLCD6MRKT features an AM/FM tuner with the ability to store 18 FM and 12 AM stations for instant access. In a new locale? Run the “Auto Best Station Memory” feature to place the stations with the strongest signals in memory.
Pyle PLCD6MRKT Speakers
Four 5.25-inch Pyle marine speakers included, for a complete system in one box. Pyle PLCD6MRKT Accessories
Includes remote control and splash-proof cover for receiver.
Auxiliary Input
If you enjoy most of you’re music on an MP3 player or other portable device, a standard 3.5mm auxiliary input lets you connect and enjoy through the receiver.
Plenty of Power
The PLCD6MRKT delivers 4 x 50 watts maximum output, more than enough to get the included speakers moving.
Splash-Proof Cover
Let’s not forget this is for the rough marine environment–install with the included splash-proof cover to keep the receiver safe from the elements.
Pyle 5.25-Inch Marine Speakers
Two pairs of Pyle two-way marine speakers are also included, for a complete audio setup.
The speakers are constructed with high-quality polypropylene cones and suspension cloth surrounds, and feature a white plastic grille for added protection in the marine environment.
What’s in the Box
Pyle PLCD6MRKT Receiver, Four 5.25-Inch Marine Speakers, Splash-Proof Receiver Cover, Remote Control, Trim Ring, Sleeve, Wiring Harness, Installation Hardware, Documentation